WHoly Formed Bible Study

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Thursdays 10:00 – 11:30

We are currently studying Faith, Doubt, and God’s Mysterious Timing by Laurie Polich Short

Beginning Date: February 9, 2023

When God’s Plan Is Unclear

What in the world is God doing? It’s easy to wonder this. We are living in an unfolding story, and it’s hard to hold on when difficult circumstances linger, or your deepest prayer hangs in the air, seemingly unanswered. Thankfully the Bible is filled with people who experienced the same thing. They had to learn to trust God’s way and timing–and their stories give us insights to live that way too.
Mining often-overlooked passages of Scripture, Laurie Polich Short has unearthed 30 practical, encouraging gems of wisdom found in the faith and lives of biblical heroes to help you

· see more of God’s work as it unfolds in your life
· have hope in circumstances that previously felt hopeless
· be more comfortable–and possibly even excited–to lean into the unknown

Here is your compass to living your story well when the way forward is unclear.