WHoly Formed Yoga Bio & Testimony

"We are more than conquerors through Christ" Romans 8:37

“We are more than conquerors through Christ” Romans 8:37

Most of my memories have the love of working out and taking care of myself.  I have finally found where God was taking me with the path that He was leading me down.  Here is a little bit of how He got me to where I am today with WHoly Formed Yoga.

Quite a few years ago, my family owned a martial arts studio.  I enjoyed teaching Taekwondo, kickboxing and self-defense classes.  I also competed in tournaments at 2nd degree black belt level which required vigorous training.  I soon discovered I had Phase III Vertebral Subluxation Degeneration which caused too much pain to continue my training.  I went through several years of physical therapy which helped alleviate some of the pain but not enough to be able to work out in any capacity.  I was told my only option was surgery… which was not an option for me.  I knew God had other plans.

One day a friend introduced me to Dr. Sammy Hardin, a chiropractor.  After several months of spinal adjustments and following Dr. Sammy’s advice, I began to feel some relief from the excruciating pain I had experienced over the past 15 years.  Dr. Sammy suggested I begin a Yoga class to help me with my flexibility.  I signed up for a class at the community college in the fall of 2005.  I really enjoyed the workout and it was just what I needed to help loosen up my joints and to compliment the chiropractic care I was getting.  That winter I went skiing for the first time.  What a wonderful feeling to be able to be active again!

In the spring I signed up for the intermediate class and dreamed of becoming a Yoga instructor.  A few weeks into the class, my teacher announced she had breast cancer and another Yoga instructor would be replacing her.  I was saddened by the news; she would be missed.  The new teacher instilled the practice of the religious roots of Yoga while my former teacher had encouraged us to make it our own for whatever religion we practiced.  My spirit told me drop the class.  As much as I enjoyed the class, I was not going to be disobedient to God and stay in a class that did not come into alignment with His word.  I took another avenue and worked out to DVD’s at home.

Several months had gone by and I received a call from my daughter saying that she had come across a Christian alternative to Yoga certification program.  I was so excited… I could start working out and using the stretches I enjoyed toward a certification that glorified God.  I began looking into the different programs that were offered but realized the timing wasn’t right.

In the spring of 2008, the church I attend, Celebration Covenant Church in Frisco, TX had a Women’s conference.  The theme was Dreaming in Color.  It was so encouraging and helped me realize that I needed to pursue my dreams and not keep them on a back burner.  I began to pray and received confirmation through a close friend that now was the time to pursue my dream which was getting my certification in a Christian alternative to Yoga program.  I did some research and found an awesome website called Faithfully Fit that fell in line with my beliefs.

When God puts a dream in our heart, it will always be there; it’s up to us what we do with it.

The Women’s Conference encouraged me to dream again and to pursue the dream that God put in my heart.  I am here today because of that dream, a dream of ministering to women and helping them to improve their mind, body and soul through a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2012 I became certified through Purple Lotus Yoga and for the past 7 years I have enjoyed going in to homes and teaching classes to families and friends, working with business to teach corporate yoga and teaching at church and a nearby gym.  God has been so good to me and in October of 2015 I was blessed with the perfect opportunity to open a studio in downtown Garland.  It had been a 7 year journey, the number 7 is the foundation of God’s word and it is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).  My hope is that everyone that walk through our doors will feel welcomed.  We offer an non competitive environment and want our students to feel comfortable and feel at home.  Come and be blessed at WHoly Formed Yoga & Wellness.